An Overview Of Image Steganography

Although not known widely, steganography is an art of concealing vital information that has been practiced since 1499. The term was first coined by Johannes Trithemius. This is a Greek term which is made of two words

Review Of The Dial A Cop – Kerala Police App

All of us hope to achieve that ideal society where no one suffers and help is always at hand. To make this a reality, Kerala Police department has taken an amazing step. They offer a new app

Smart Kit

Do a lot of things with this multi purpose application. Spend around 4 MB storage space and enjoy the benefits of 1 TB. This application seems like small thing but its uses are great. So hereafter don’t

Timestamp Camera

We might have fed up with the inbuilt camera in our smartphones. Therefore, now experience a variety application. Today I am gonna introduce you about an app ‘TIMESTAMP CAMERA’. Have you ever thought or confused about the