Google’s Voice Typing Will Now Support 30 More Languages

Google has the habit of exceeding its limits and delivering more than users expect. The company is continuously evolving and revolutionizing with better ideas and concepts. One of their latest developments have been announced and this is

AppSales: Download Paid Apps for Free

Google Play Store is the treasure house of the applications. You have lakhs of apps available on Google Play Store. While a majority of the apps are available for free, there are apps available for purchase as

mKeralam – One Stop Solution for Availing Government Services

India had been focusing majorly on Digitalization and in an attempt to fast-track the progress, many of the services are made available online for the citizens. In addition to this, each and every state has its own

Meteor: Free Internet Speed Test for Android

There are times when you do not get the right internet speed while using 4G or Wi-Fi and it is hard to know that if there is an issue with the speed or if there is an