Smart Kit

Do a lot of things with this multi purpose application. Spend around 4 MB storage space and enjoy the benefits of 1 TB. This application seems like small thing but its uses are great. So hereafter don’t

Timestamp Camera

We might have fed up with the inbuilt camera in our smartphones. Therefore, now experience a variety application. Today I am gonna introduce you about an app ‘TIMESTAMP CAMERA’. Have you ever thought or confused about the

Body shape Symbol on the Android

In recent times, the netizens are “fever” with the movement Body style photography Symbol-a style trend photography by hand to create the figures, letters or the cute icons such as hearts, stars, leaves 3 grass … to

CallHeads – phone call app

If you hate being interrupted by calls when you’re playing or performing any other activity in your gadget, the CallHeads-phone call app will help you. The application intercepts any incoming call and offers a semi-transparent interface that