Android Apps to support Samsung’s Tizen OS


Tizen OS

There are reports that thousands of Android Apps will be created to support the Tizen mobile platform that is being conceived in Samsung’s abode. The Tizen OS is expected to be launched at the ‘Mobile World Congress’ to be held this month at Barcelona, Spain. There were a few ‘app competitions’ for Tizen platform as a result of which over 6,000 applications are available. Yet considering this insufficient, thousands of apps developed by Google’s mobile platform Android, are to be used in Tizen, reports Technology Review.

Thousands of Android Apps will work in Tizen. Talks are underway to still increase the numbers, says Howie Hecht from Open Mobile that is developing a supporting system to operate Android Apps in Tizen smartphones. However he has not revealed where Tizen smartphone users will get Android Apps. Regardless of the platform, users receive smartphone experience from the apps under use. The world’s most renowned app stores are Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play that jointly provide over 10 lakhs of apps.

Most number of smartphones operate in Google’s Android OS. Samsung was able to become the world’s leading smartphone company with help of Android. In that case, it is amusing how Samsung is manufacturing a smartphone platform to compete with Android. Recently Google and Samsung signed an international treaty to share patents and strengthen cooperation. However Samsung’s Tizen will weaken the agreement.

The consortium of Samsung and Intel designed Tizen OS from the MeeGo platform that was once abandoned by Nokia company. Like in Android, Tizen OS too is a mobile platform with Linux base. Samsung is yet to publicise about Tizen OS. It is being developed with utmost secrecy. However compared to Android, Tizen is a speedier platform, says Polish 3D games developer Grzegorz Adamczyk. “With regard to games, Tizen is a powerful platform,” he said.