Google arrives with 3D mapping smartphone


3D mapping smartphone

Google arrives with an Android phone that will help understand the world around us in its right measurements and proportion. The new phone can create a 3D map of the user’s surrounding. The primary image of the 5-inch smartphone with 3D sensors was created as part of Project Tango formulated by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) department. Such devices help understand a room’s actual measurement and proportion. This will prove to be a blessing for people with poor vision.

‘We live in a 3D materialistic world. However our mobiles’ understanding of this materialistic world ends with the limitation of its screen’ – said Google. The new phone allows to create maps in accurate proportion as well as spot the exact destination. Though Motorola was sold to the Chinese company Lenovo, Motorola’s ATAP department was kept with Google. Thus the new 3D mapping Android phone was presented. Google has released 200 samples of the new phone to help developers create applications. They will be available for developers from March 14, 2014 onwards.

The new phone consists of a 4 MP camera, two computer-vision processors, integrated depth sensing and a motion-tracking camera. The phone sensors can estimate over 2.5 lakhs 3D dimensions and live update its position. ‘Project Tango’ head Johnny Lee said that it took a very long time for the release of the phone’s initial version. Lee mentioned in a blog post that Project Tango paves the way for mobile phones to understand space and movement on a human level. For the last one year, entities like universities, research centres, business organisations etc from nine countries have cooperated with this project.