Black phone to arrive with full cover protection


It is a well known fact that no smartphone is safe these days from hackers and cyber criminals. Surely every activity done on the phone is being leaked. Google or any other agency can easily hack into our emails, visited websites, bank account details etc. Hence we are living with a spy in our own pockets! The Black phone presented at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) promises to be a solution to this dilemma. The manufacturers of the phone claim that this will be the first of its kind that ensures complete privacy. The phone arrives from Switzerland that provides legality for personal privacy.


The Black phone resembles the Samsung Galaxy S4 in appearance. The phone with 4.7 inch IPS screen has 1280 X 800 pixels resolution. It’s hardware specifications are 2 GHz Quadcore processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. It has a 8 megapixels rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front camera. Private OS which is Android’s customised version is the phone’s operating system. Though updation is possible just as in normal Android, the security options in this OS is very strict. Any number of applications can be installed. Yet none of them can access information from the phone.

The phone receives encrypted calls and emails. Encrypted call means a call that comes in the form of a special code that cannot be hacked by any. The phone has anonymous WiFi and anonymous cloud facilities. The Black phone was designed by technology security experts Phil Zimmermann, Javier Aguera, Jon Callas, Rodrigo Silva-Ramos and Mike Janke. “This is not a smartphone manufactured merely with privacy options, but a smartphone made by a company that gives importance just for privacy. This is the relevance of the Black phone.” – says Phil Zimmermann. Though Phil’s words are not easy to understand, it’s clear that the phone gives utmost importance to security. The Black phone costs $629 (INR 39,000). Without doubt, high-profile executives, business people and celebrities who highly value their privacy, are sure to buy the Black phone.