Facebook NoMoreSeen


Facebook NoMoreSeen is an extension for Google Chrome that, as its name suggests, serves to leave to issue a warning about reading a message.

That way, you can read the texts received no pressure, because the sender won’t know that you have already viewed the item.

Once installed the add-on does not need any manual configuration for operation and he is already enabled as a default. In addition, even though he remains active in the background, is extremely lightweight and does not bring any kind of prejudice to the use of the browser.

Without anxiety

screenshot_1299The exchange of messages through Facebook is a common activity, especially for someone who has several contacts in the social network. However, to send a message intended for one person, whenever she displays the content, the sender receives a confirmation that the item has already been seen, including the time at which this occurred.

In a way, this information can cause some anxiety in one party, causing there to be a higher expectation for the reply. However, not always the recipient possesses the necessary time, or information you need to complete this bridge of communication, which may, depending on the situation, work even in a misunderstanding.

The idea for Facebook NoMoreSeen is to prevent this kind of chain of events might happen, by applying a simple option that is preventing the read receipt is sent. To install the add-on, it adds a button right after the browser’s address bar for easy access to its function.

He dispenses completely restarting the browser and, once installed, put into operation immediately.

No one will know

By clicking the button on the add-on you can view its interface, which is composed only by an activation key. Through it, you can disable the function offered to reactivate it easily when desired. In both cases, the new option is immediately operational.

Just keep in mind that the application does not cover previous items and therefore all interactions performed before their installation remain in the same State.

Our opinion Above you gave a full description about Facebook NoMoreSeen and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Facebook NoMoreSeen is an add-on with a very specific function and it should be really interesting for those who like to maintain some privacy about the status of their talks. Similarly, it can also avoid the anxiety generated when the sender realizes that the recipient read your message – especially when the answer may take a while.

The process of running the program is quite simple: it prevents the sender receives that famous warning that social networking sends to indicate the reading of a message received. The program does not have exactly one interface, and on your screen you can find only the function to enable or disable the option offered.

Immediate activation
Once installed, and as long as it remains active in the browser, a button is added after the address bar of the browser to facilitate access to its functions. The application comes into operation shortly after their installation, and, whenever there is any change in its position, too.

That is, if you turn off, he already passes the send again the read receipts; Once reactivated, makes again the function of preventing the sending of the notification. Thus, it can be interesting, too, for when you want privacy only for certain period of time, since the operation is immediate.

One important point that you should keep in mind is the fact that he was able to apply its function to the items exchanged only after their installation, not modifying the status of previous messages or that have been sent during a period of inactivity. There’s no need to perform any manual configuration type in the browser for the use of the tool.

Moreover, although he remains active in the background, due to the fact be lightweight you won’t have any kind of prejudice in using the browser or social network