dopdf is a very small software with the goal of creating PDF documents to its main files, be they text, PowerPoint presentations, work done in Office applications, websites and other files.

Occupying a tiny space on the computer, all the user has to do is try to print the document you want by selecting a virtual printer that actually will convert this file to the portable PDF format.
After all, what is PDF?

PDF is a portable file format developed by Adobe in order to run on any computer in the world independent of the machine, application, and operating system file contents, supporting texts, images and graphics.

It is used especially for transporting, distributing and keep files safe copies, since the content is accessible only to reading and viewing. In fact, the giant Adobe allows the free download only PDF Viewer (Adobe Reader) and not the converter able to create PDF files.

One of the most recent cases about PDF creation was for the final release of Office 2007, Microsoft. The beta version of Bill Gates ‘ company contained an option to export your files produced in applications to the PDF format. However, for fear of possible legal implications, such option was removed in the final version.

So, to get around this problem it is necessary the aid of other software. The solution lies in doPDF, since he is extremely lightweight and performs its function with praise.

print to pdf

General Characteristics:

Does not contain third-party software, such as spyware, adware and viruses.
Can customize the resolution 72 dpi to 2400 dpi between.
Is able to set the default size of pages by default as A4, letter etc.
Supports multilanguage and can generate PDF files can enable search for text in your content.
How to use it?

After you install it, open a document in your favorite application and select the print option. In it, note that in the selection of printers will be a call doPDF. Then just send continue and select the folder where you will save the conversion!

Our opinion
Above you gave a full description about doPDF and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Dopdf is so simple and small that after you install it you won’t even see it in graphical interface, simply convert your files through your job application.

Its function, which is to convert your documents to PDF, is performed with efficiency and speed. For transmission, distribution and security of text files, images and graphics, doPDF is a great alternative to convert your data to the Adobe portable format. Do that, and nothing more.