Aimp is an audio player full of advanced features of Equalization and use. With it, you can listen to music on your own, customizing to the appearance of the application.

Among his biggest highlights are the respectable sound quality, the system to search for songs in playlists, customizable playlists and additional tools, such as converter, recorder, and tag editor.

You can change the skin of the AIMP, but for this it is necessary to look for new designs online, since the application does not have an integrated tracking system. However, you can change the color of the controls, open the appearance settings and choose a new tonality. In its latest version, a completely redesigned interface was inserted, with design to Windows 10 templates, but you can change this with some ease.

Reproductive effects

The AIMP works with a function that allows you to create multiple playlists and navigate between them quickly by using “tabs”, which are available as buttons above the playlist. This is a simple function and exploited by some musicians, such as foobar2000, but that makes all the difference.

The crossfade effect is included by default, which means that when a song is ending, the volume decreases, while the next will increase. If you don’t like this feature, just go to the “options” and uncheck the “Use fading” on tab “Playback”.


In addition to this there are other important audio customizations that can be done to ensure the best playback on the device that you are using. Open the equalizer and between the “DSP Manager”, which brings a complete audio Edition, for those who know the subject and wants to take advantage of the AIMP.

Converter and audio recorder

With this audio converter in AIMP utilities, you can rip your music from CDs or even convert your favorite tracks. It does not allow to convert to MP3 (without that you install an add-on), but you can use other formats like FLAC, OGG, WMA, AAC etc.

In the same way that audio converter, the recorder supports the four most popular music formats as input and provides several output options. You can change frequency, input (microphone, speaker etc.), volume, signal level, quality, processing rate (CBR, ABR and VBR) and bit rate (bit rate).

Above you gave a full description on the AIMP and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The AIMP is a complete player, for those who like to listen to music on the computer by customizing each step of this experience. However, rle is indicated for those who have time to tweak all the functions, since its interface is not of the most simple and you may need to spend a few minutes testing and finding the tools you need.

Visual and customizable operating

The program received a new native interface very pretty and intuitive. She follows well the Windows style 10 but still has its originality and somewhat resembles the old visual of the AIMP. Other than that, the skins to customize the software work. You need to look for this feature on the internet, since he does not have an integrated online search. This makes Miss and end up discouraging users who don’t care much about appearance. Integrate the function would give more visibility to the alternatives and make appearances this process simpler.

Have the rest of the operation can be completely customized in the settings, and you can choose how the program behaves in most of its functions. Need to tweak a lot to understand what each option does for application, and you can test the most configurations without any major problems.

What could be better

It’s hard, if you don’t know where you are, find the option to rip the discs. The utilities there is a converter of formats, but it does not indicate at any time that it can also be used to record the songs from CDs to your computer. It would be interesting if the interface was more clear at this point.

The AIMP is an application that looks like it has the visual stuck in the early 2000: many small buttons on the main screen, various menus and options throughout the entire app. It’s not enough to be a real problem, but it may scare away those who prefer more modern players and with a minimalist look.