Body shape Symbol on the Android


body symbol androidIn recent times, the netizens are “fever” with the movement Body style photography Symbol-a style trend photography by hand to create the figures, letters or the cute icons such as hearts, stars, leaves 3 grass … to love or express emotion through expression of the face and logo.

When press Install to start the installation, the program will require access to some of the information on your device, press the Accept button to accept. The program’s interface is quite simple and easy to use, if it is the first launch, Body Symbol (BS) will ask you want to download the HD version of this application, you can click Yes to start the download, Later to skip or No, thanks to never show notifications.

First, BS will show an icon for you to preview with size 4 x 4 (i.e. you must take 16 small pictures to pair it again). If you want to take photos or to use more of the thumbnail, then click on the 4 x 4 button located in the menu bar below and choose back. BS you support a maximum of 36 photographs (6 x 6).
To capture an image for 1 frame of any, you click on the button Click to take the photo, and then create designs for Photo Take > in the correct symbol appears on the screen and capture.

body symbol

Then, you can rotate the image by choosing the easy flip on that frame and click on the functionality as Rotate right (rotate right), Mirror (mirror image created vice versa) … to change position accordingly.
Once finished, you press on the icon located in the middle of the menu bar below, and then select Save to save on equipment, or Share to share up services such as Facebook, Picasa, Google +, Zalo, Viber … or supported applications that you have installed on the device.

Not only supports users with a heart icon, that BS also offers quite a lot of spiffy icons such as double hearts, doves, the grass 3 leaves, stars, butterfly, … to choose the model, you click on the folder icon located in the bottom right corner.

In addition to the available, you can create a private character through the feature From character. Here, you enter the characters need to create, choose font size, hit Preview to preview or Create to complete. Photographic work rest you perform similar steps have the instructions above.
In General, to get these pictures, people taken to extreme patience and creativity, it takes quite a long time to complete because it has at least 16 new photos can be grafted into a complete picture. However, if you are hard to justify, then the results will create a beautiful photo quite nice and spiffy.