Timestamp Camera


We might have fed up with the inbuilt camera in our smartphones. Therefore, now experience a variety application. Today I am gonna introduce you about an app ‘TIMESTAMP CAMERA’. Have you ever thought or confused about the photos or videos which have taken before a long time. Of course, we had at least one time. We might have listened that, some photos seen in Facebook and others will mention the date and time of the photo taken and the name of person who had taken the photo. Similarly you can also do the same in your Android phone or I phone in a particular format of date, time and the name of the person according to your concern. Size of the app is 2.46 mb only. Now let’s how to use this app.


First of all download and Install the app. > Open the app.

> Now you will be able to see a ordinary camera, then choose photo or video you want to take.

On the bottom we can see date and time. For changing the colour of those and for adding more options click on the settings on the right bottom of the screen.
> First option lets you select the colour.
> And secondly you can adjust the size of the text to small, medium and large.
> Pursuantly we can change the font style from default font.
> Next we can change the format of date and time if required.

> Next we can see an option, if this option is enabled we can locate the particular location by Google map code.

> Next we can decide where the watermark to be stayed.
> Next we can adjust the resolution of the photo.
> Next we can see an option ‘CUSTOM TEXT ON CAMERA’ here we enter the name that to be shown on the screen.

Pursuantly we can see an option ‘ADVANCE’ If this option is chosen we can go to more options. Like:
> Whether to record video with voice or not.
> Whether to open shutter sound or not.
> Whether to show Grid or not
> Adjust the video quality to high or normal.
> Adjust white balance.
> Next you can choose whether to store files to sd card or not. Please keep in mind that, if this option is enabled, make sure to back uo them before uninsatall this app, or the files will be lost.
> Next you can see the options for adjusting Text capacity and Background capacity. This will works only in paid versions.