Smart Kit


smartkitDo a lot of things with this multi purpose application. Spend around 4 MB storage space and enjoy the benefits of 1 TB. This application seems like small thing but its uses are great. So hereafter don’t be frustrated in search of applications you need daily. This application contains almost things that we need in our smartphones. Now let’s see what are the features of this app. First of all download and Install the app. Open the app.

After opening the application you can see 32 icons arranged serially. Now let’s be familiar with the uses of each icon.

1) Notepad :
Here we can write and store all the necessary information.
2) Translator:
This can be used for translating words of many languages to another language.
3) Exercise timer:
This can be used as a timer for people going to gym and people doing exercises.
4) Free music :
Enjoy many songs from different categories.
5) File Manager :
Access each and every folders in mobile and observe the content in it.
6) Trim Audio:
This can be used for trimming your favourite part of the song and make it as ring tone.
7) Metronome:
This can be used for musicians as one of their instrument.
8) Recorder:
Can be used as voice recorder.
9) Flash Light:
Can be used as torch by powering on camera light in darkness.
10) Mirror :
This would be seen as ordinary selfie camera although the brightness will be high because it’s used for viewing the face.
11) Magnifier:
This is a camera having maximum zoom. Can be used instead of lens and helps to read small letters by zooming heavily. 12) Code Scan:
Helps to understand informations by scanning bar code and QR code.
13) Cleaner :
It helps to increase device performance by deleting unnecessary files and by closing applications working in the background.
14) Battery saver:
Helps to restrict unnecessary usage of battery.
15) Stopwatch:
This is a stopwatch as used commonly.
16) Check list reminder:
This lets you to save proceedings that to be done daily and to mark things that have done.
17) Abacus:
Can be used for studying mathematics for children.
18) Calculator:
Can be used as ordinary calculator.
19) Currency:
Helps to know the currency value of a country to another country’s currency if having internet connection.
20) Unit converter:
Helps to convert different types of unit or measurements.
21) Altimeter:
Helps to measure elevation with the help of GPS
22) Compass:
Helps to find direction and to give correct measurement of location.
23) Heart rate monitor:
This is for testing the number of heartbeats but don’t believe it gives the correct result.
24) Leveler:
Helps to measure the plainness of a surface.
25) Magnetometer:
Can be used as metal detector. If mobile is brought near the metal, it will began to vibrate.

Moreover this app also contains tools like Google map, protractor, ruler, sound meter, instrument tuner, speedometer and vitro meter.
Now enjoy with this all in one app