Review Of The Dial A Cop – Kerala Police App


All of us hope to achieve that ideal society where no one suffers and help is always at hand. To make this a reality, Kerala Police department has taken an amazing step. They offer a new app for public use and it is known as Dial A Cop – Kerala Police.
This is a unique initiative by Kerala Police and by the implementation of this app, they provide a quick and easy way to connect with Police with a single touch. This mobile app has been developed in-house by the software development team under the department of Kerala Police Technology Centre.

So, Dial A Cop is an official Kerala Police app that anyone in the state can use to reach out to a police officer in times of distress. Here are the main highlights of the app:

• This mobile app allows you to easily search for a Police Office in Kerala Police at anytime. No matter where you are, you will never be away from help.
• It also enables you to find the Police Station that is located nearest to you and find your way there. This is made easy with the help of GPS.
• With the help of this mobile app, you can find the mobile phone numbers of police officers in Kerala.
• The True Cop is an amazing utility of this application that gives you the details of a few Kerala officers calling to your mobile. If the call is made from an official number.
• Using this app, the users will be able to share their contacts such as email, whatsapp and SMS. You will also find a list of emergency contact numbers of kerala Police. This comes handy in case of panic situations.
• If you have a police’s number that you dial often then you have the provision to add them to your favorites. This saves you the time of searching for the number in the time of emergency.
• The app also comes with Push Notifications for the public. So, you may get regular updates about missing people, traffic alert, and the most wanted persons.
• You can also share text data using Dial a Cop mobile application. This is an amazing addition to this application.

Dial A Cop – Kerala Police app is an amazing initiative taken by the Police Department to ensure the safety of the average public. At the time of distress many people don’t know what to do and where to ask for help. So, it is a wonderful thing to have access to the Police Department right from your mobile phone. With just a click you will be able to connect to those who promise to take care of you.
To install this app on your Android phone, click on the link provided below and select the Install tab. Please make sure the app is compatible with your device. It is free so why waste any time. Go to the link and install it on your phone now and let Kerala Police serve you better.