Sandesham – A Talking SMS App


Do you know that over 80% of the road accidents are caused because the driver was using a phone while driving the car? Most of these drivers were checking their messages and the screen distracted the driver which had fatal results. Ideally one should not use the phone while driving the vehicle but there are certain cases when a person is anticipating an important message. In such a case, it becomes important to read the message. This application called Sandesham helps you in knowing the content of the messages without you having to take off your eyes from the road.
Let us look at the features of this amazing talking SMS application.

Features of Sandesham

• As mentioned earlier, the main feature of the application is that it can read the SMS that you received on the phone. This feature is especially helpful while you are driving or while you are busy with something.
• It is possible to set the auto-start option on the application and the application will launch with the boot of the phone. If you do not want the application to be running all the time then you can switch off the auto-launch option and launch the option manually every time you have to drive.
• Once you receive an SMS, the application will quickly open the SMS by default and it will start reading out the message. It is also possible to reply to the message by simply speaking the message and the application will use voice to text to type a reply.
• The application is highly customizable and you can change many options in the application. It takes just about a couple of seconds to modify the application settings. You can tweak the settings so that the application starts the message by reading the contact name or number.
• Another feature of the application is that if you shake the phone then the application will stop or start reading the message all over again. This feature is helpful when you receive the message which is a spam.
• The application supports two languages as of now and these languages are English and Malayalam.
In terms of rating, the application has a rating of 4.3 stars and most of the users have given a 4 or 5 star to the application. The problem is that the application only supports English and Malayalam messages and the developers should surely add the support for Hindi as a large population in India uses Hindi as their first language. We can surely expect the support for Hindi and other regional languages in upcoming version but until then, we can use English and stay safe while driving.
The application was launched recently and that is the reason why it has been installed by only about 5000 people. In addition to this, the application can run on the older models of the phone as well as the application only requires a phone running on Android 2.2 or above.